• The upgrade of ‘Gallford’ Fire Seal Process

    The upgrade of ‘Gallford’ Fire Seal Process

    “Gallford” Rigid Fire Seal Production Process upgrade Developing process Description Advantage / Disadvantage 1st Generation Extrude core & case separately, thread the core and put adhesive tape manually. Toleranc...
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  • We got “Certifire” certification on April 2018

    We got “Certifire” certification on April 2018

    Good News Through 3 years working with Warrington Centre UK, finally we have pass the examination and testing , got “Certifire” certification on April 2018. Proud of all “Gallford”staff ! ...
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  • “GALLFORD” Drop down seal’s family has new members!

    “GALLFORD” Drop down seal’s family has new members!

    •  Gallford has been a manufacturer for 20 years , we have our own technical department to design product, develop tooling. And manufacture ourselves. • Drop down seal has been patend and with testing report. • Except use for wooden hinge door, our drop down seal also ...
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  • Home Fire Prevention!

    1. Teach children not to play with fire or electrical equipment. 2, do not litter cigarette butts, do not lie in bed smoking. 3. Do not connect or pull wires indiscriminately, and do not replace circuit fuses with copper or iron wires. 4. Stay away from people when lighting with open flames. Do n...
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  • School season campus fire safety knowledge!

    1. Do not bring fire and flammable and explosive materials into the campus; 2. Do not pull, pull or connect wires without permission; 3. Do not illegally use high-power electrical equipment such as fast heating and hair dryers in classrooms, dormitories, etc.; 4. Do not smoke or throw cigarette b...
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  • How to prevent fire?

    The prevention of electrical fires includes four aspects: one is the selection of electrical appliances, the second is the selection of wires, the third is installation and use, and the fourth is not to use high-power electrical appliances without authorization. For electrical appliances, the qua...
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  • Do you know aluminum automatic drop down seal?

    Automatic door bottom seal, also called drop down seal or draught excluders.It has other different names in different countries and areas. Automatic door bottom seal consists of an external aluminum profile, a second inner aluminum profile, plungers, seals and fixing methods (by pre-assembled scr...
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  • A very slim drop down seal built up

    Drop down seal family has a new born baby , it is very slim (8mm thickness) and cute. It is specially designed for double rebate doors which need high performance sound insulation.  For details how to use, please see our carton video.
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  • Join hands to fight the epidemic.  2021,  we Are on the way

    Join hands to fight the epidemic. 2021, we Are on the way

    2020, A year of too much sadness, A year of too much heart touched, A year of too much to remember. In China, there is always epidemic report here and there,;out of China, epidemic report more seriou so that export business getting more difficult. However, “Gallford” p...
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