Fire sheet

Fire sheet

Product Advantage;

1)  Width*Length: 640mm*1000mm.

2)  Supplied in thickness of 1,2,3 and 4mm.

3)  Can be cut to different width of fire strip.

4)  Can be made into various kind of fireproof kits or pad to your hardware.

5)  Color black, red and brown are available.

6)  Different expansion rate can be made  customized.


Product Detail

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Product Description

Gallford Intumescent Fire Door seal is based on exfoliated graphite, it is used for fire door and window or any places to prevent fire, smoke & acoustic through out. Obtained both integrity and insulation rate as
required, keep your safety life.

 Part Number Width(mm) Thickness(mm)

Expansion Ratio


 FS64002  640  2  30、15、5 100m&Customized
 FS64015  640  1.5  30、15、5 100m&Customized
 FS64001  640  1  30、15、5 100m&Customized
   Cutting arbitrary shape, length and width


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