Fire & acoustic seal

Fire & acoustic seal

Product Advantage;

1)  Triplex-extrusion of core, case and rubber ensure rubber does not taken off.

2)  Varies of special profiles are available for customers’ demands.

3)  30 times expantion.

4)  The lower expansion 180℃to 200℃.

5)  Co-extrusion to ensure the core material does not fall off.

6)  “Certifire” of Warrington , BS EN 1634-1 test report.

7)  Online printing logo and batch number on product.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

Gallford Intumescent Fire Door seal is based on exfoliated graphite, it is used for fire door and window or any places to prevent fire, smoke & acoustic through out. Obtained both integrity and insulation rate as
required, keep your safety life.

Profile Size

Part Number
1524 1524-1  1524-2  1524-3  1524-4
 10×4 YZ1024                        YZ1024-2 YZ1024-3 YZ1024-4
 15x4 YZ1524 YZ1524-1 YZ1524-2 YZ1524-3 YZ1524-4
 20x4 YZ2024 YZ2024-1 YZ2024-2 YZ2024-3 YZ2024-4
 20x6 YZ2026 YZ2026-1 YZ2026-2 YZ2026-3 YZ2026-4
 25x4 YZ2524 YZ2524-1 YZ2524-2 YZ2524-3 YZ2524-4
 25x6 YZ2526 YZ2526-1 YZ2526-2 YZ2526-3 YZ2526-4
 30x4 YZ3024 YZ3024-1 YZ3024-2 YZ3024-3 YZ3024-4
 38x4 YZ3824 YZ3824-1 YZ3824-2 YZ3824-3 YZ3824-4


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