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  • Advantage of fire products

    Advantage of fire products

    1. Expansion rate up to 30 times,initial expansion temp. lower to 190℃-200℃.
    2. “CERTIFIRE” approved by Warrington UK..
    3. BS EN1634-1 and BS476 Part20-22 test report..
    4. A full scale of fire products for fire door assembly.such as fire seal, fire grille, glazing strip & lock kit ect..
    5. Fire seal available with Flexible fire seal, fire & smoke seal, fire & acoustic seal, special extrusion etc.
    6. Online print "GALLFORD” logo and batch number.
    7. OEM ,Customizing and technical service are available.
  • Advantage of fire box seal

    Advantage of fire box seal

    1. Supplied in any lengths for customer required.
    2. Supplied in width 10mm to 60mm and thickness 3mm to 10mm.
    3. Supplied in special profiles for customer required.
    4. Co-extrusion to ensure the core material does not fall off.
    5. Online insert pile with glue. pile does not taken off.
    6. Tri-extrusion of core, case and rubber ensure rubber does not tear off.
    7. Online printing logo and batch number on product.
  •  Advantage of drop down seal

    Advantage of drop down seal

    1. Patent No.ZL2008 2 0151195.X.
    2. BS EN1634-1 fire test report for 1 hour/2 hours.
    3. Acoustic Test (GB/T 19889.3-2005、ISO 10140-2:2021、AS 1191-2002、ASTM E90-09(R2016)
    4. 100000times test report of cycles usage,
    5. Suitable for wooden door ,aluminum door ,steel door ,sliding door and glass doors.
    6. Special design of 'automatically finding balance' can perfectly seal the tougher queries caused by uneven floor.
    7. The internal components can be drawn out as a whole, convenient for installation and maintenance.


  • Beijing Telecom Building

    Beijing Telecom Building

  • Shanghai Jinmao Tower

    Shanghai Jinmao Tower

  • Beijing Airport

    Beijing Airport

  • Hong Kong Airport

    Hong Kong Airport

  • University of Hong Kong

    University of Hong Kong

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